Tracer wrap

Tracer Wrap

A cost-effective means for insulating pipe, Wrapex manufactures and stocks Tracer Wrap / Pipe Wrap
in most standard pipe and tubing sizes using E-glass, Pyrogel XT (Aerogel), or closed-cell foam rubber insulation.

Most commonly used on stainless steel tubing, Tracer Wrap provides:

• Personnel and equipment protection
• Continuous operating temperature
• Access to piping and other covered infrastructure


• Use on exposed stainless steel tubing, small pipes and glycol/steam tracing systems.
• Use as temporary insulation
• Insulate Hard to Reach Areas – tough to insulate areas can now be easily insulated.
• Easily Reordered – Wrapex stocks most common sizes so they can be easily
reordered as needed.
• Can Use Your Team – Wrapex tracer wrap can be removed and reinstalled easily by
your maintenance teams if required.
• Safety – put tracer wrap in high traffic areas where traditional insulation is not
practical to protect employees from hot piping.


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