Wrapex’s removable insulation blankets are designed to fit the most diffcult to insulate areas that require thermal temperature control. With our highly skilled manufacturing and field measurement teams, and a 12,400 sqft manufacturing facility, Wrapex can handle any size project and can arrange delivery to meet the most demanding schedules.

Insulation materials include:
• Silicon Coated Fibreglass Cloth
• Teflon Coated Fibreglass Cloth
• Non-woven E-glass Mat
• PVC Coated Vinyl
• Silica Cloth
• Silica Fiber Mat
• Low Density Fibreglass
• Ceramic Fibreglass
• Aerogel Mat
• Other High Temperature Materials

Typical Insulation Blanket Uses
• Piping
• Vessels
• Tanks
• Flanges
• Fittings
• Pumps
• Valves
• Tubing
• Ducts
• Exhausts

When conventional methods are not practical, soft cover insulation can be used
to provide triple rated protection against thermal heat transfer and protection.

• Can Use Your Team – blankets can be easily removed and installed by your
maintenance team.
• Reduce Maintenance Costs – a cost efective solution, routine and maintenance no longer
requires insulators on-site.
• Insulate Hard to Reach Areas – tough to insulate equipment and flex lines can now be easily insulated.
• Easily Reordered – with blanket tag ID information.
• Safety – put Wrapex blankets in high traffic areas where traditional insulation is not
practical to protect employees from hot piping and valves.


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