Industrial Insulation & Scaffolding Services

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Industrial Insulation

Our qualified industrial insulation tradesmen work hard to ensure that the industrial insulation we install will withstand the service demands of vibration, extreme temperatures, and mechanical damage with the effect of adding thermal efficiency and protection to your operations.


Wrapex’s utilidor offers service access to valves and instrumentation in addition to providing superior insulating properties. Furthermore, our utilidor is reusable & reconfigurable. Unlike conventional insulation, Wrapex utilidor is easily dismantled and reconfigured for expansion modifications.

Leader in Industrial Insulation & Scaffolding in Western Canada

Established in 1982, Wrapex Industrial Services Incorporated is a leader in Industrial Insulation, Glycol Tracing, Utilidor and Scaffolding Services throughout western Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Wrapex proudly serves clients in the oil & gas, oil sands, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and commercial sectors.

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Glycol Tracing

Glycol Heat Tracing Systems employ a closed loop circulation system that is used to transfer heat to piping under insulation, using a series of tubing lines for freeze protection, in the event of prolonged cold weather conditions that are so prevalent in Alberta, British Columbia and the rest of Western Canada. By bundling glycol heat tracers with insulation, Wrapex can ensure the thermal efficiency of our clients’ operations.


Wrapex provides scaffolding and access solutions for new construction, maintenance and turnaround projects within Western Canada including Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Utilizing multiple scaffolding systems, Wrapex ensures the right equipment is readily available and used to meet the requirements of your project.

Shrink Wrapping

Wrapex designs and installs shrink wrap containments to winterize your construction site and help keep you on schedule. Shrink wrapping a building or shrink wrapping scaffolding gives you the drum tight containment you need. This saves you money on heating and creates a continuous working environment. Don’t let the weather delay your project.

Tracer Wrap

A cost-effective means for insulating pipe, Wrapex manufactures and stocks Tracer Wrap/Pipe Wrap in most standard pipe and tubing sizes using E-glass, Pyrogel XT (Aerogel), or closed-cell foam rubber insulation.


Wrapex’s removable insulation blankets are designed to fit the most difficult to insulate areas that require thermal temperature control. With our highly skilled manufacturing and field measurement teams, and a 12,400 sqft anufacturing facility, Wrapex can handle any size project and can arrange delivery to meet the most demanding schedules.


Wrapex’s acoustic blankets and curtains are designed for excellent acoustic performance and can be customized to serve a diverse range of applications to meet your project or site needs.


Our extensive knowledge and selection of insulation and scaffolding products including glycol tracing and utilidor will ensure the thermal efficiency of your operation, the protection of sensitive infrastructure and the safety of all members on your work-site.

safety training

leader in safety training and job execution, with constant training and improvement in all processes.

lowest cost

leader in ensuring lowest cost to its customer. Wrapex constantly works to reduce costs in all areas to pass on to customers.

Quality Control

leader in Quality Control and quality in materials and job execution

scaffolding and insulation work

Wrapex sets the standard in scaffolding and insulation work. Wrapex is the No. 1 Company in safety, quality and job execution in insulation and scaffolding.



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